It's coming soon... Horror starring Patrick Bergin ('Sleeping with the Enemy') David Hayman ('Trial and Retribution') and Robert Cavanah ('Lara Croft-Tomb Raider').

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A father's sacrifice for his anorexic daughter...
Robert Beedham's directorial debut.

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Deadly Timing

Imagine waking up in a morgue?
Robert Beedham's acting debut.

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12 Days

UNSUB kills to The 12 Days of Christmas.

...the next 'Seven'.
Michael Ferris ('Catwoman' and 'T2')

In active development: shooting in Canada winter 2015.

Dead Centre

A shopping mall to die for.

Suicide Mission

How far would you go to save friends.

The Devil's Commandments

When there's more souls in Hell then Heaven, the Devil wins.