Robert Beedham was born in cosmopolitan Glasgow, Scotland, and has won many awards across several creative disciplines.

He trained in UK top 20 London advertising agencies during the heady 80s, returning home to found The Beedham Agency, Scotland's fastest-growing and multiple award-winning ad agency.

A big fan of music, books, film and television, he is heavily influenced by 1960s and today's pop culture.

His debut novel, 'The Fenian' was critically acclaimed and has reprinted ten times. He has adapted it for film, and is adapting it for the stage.

His second novel, 'Imagine', a unique high-concept premise about 'The 27 Club' myth, publishes in 2015, and he has adapted it for both film and television.

His third novel, '12 Days', a disturbing serial-killer chiller, also publishes in 2015. Robert adapted it from his film script, described by Hollywood's Michael Ferris ('The Game') as 'the next Seven.' The film is scheduled to shoot in Canada in Autumn 2015.

Robert also co-wrote/produced eight short films, played lead in one and parts in two others, wrote/produced and directed one, wrote/co-produced feature film 'Birthday' and has several documentaries and film scripts in development. 

Robert's passion is writing and film-making. His interests include travel, reading, fine wine, dining, sports cars, fashion and stimulating conversation, especially with friends, family and his three much cherished daughters.